It's About THEIR World NOT Ours

Recently I was getting ready to leave my parents' home where my mom lives with Dementia and my Dad fearlessly cares for her.  We had had a good afternoon. She was able to feed herself, albeit slowly, as long as we cut things up out of her sight.  (She does not recognize that she has Dementia and can be most offended by someone treating her like a child.)  

After the meal and tending to her needs, I pushed her wheelchair to the picture window in the living room where she can watch the bird feeders and schoolyard activities. With an Elvis album playing, a warm blanket and a fresh cup of ice chips, she was happy as could be.   

I grabbed my purse and coat kissed her and my Dad as I opened the front door.  I said, "See you tomorrow".  She said,"do you promise?"  "Yes", I replied.  "Dad has an appointment, so I will definitely by here."  She paused and said, "Now wait just a minute."  She looked at me and observed what I was carrying and asked, "Did you pack pajamas?"  "Yes", I replied.  "I think I have everything I need for tonight."  "Well OK", she said with a smile, "Have a good time." :)

With Joy in my heart I walked to my car.  She may not know at the moment how old I am or that I am not going to a sleepover but it was very evident that she still cares deeply that I have all that I need.  

Teresa Youngstrom