Tip for caregivers today


When caring for People Living With Dementia (PLWD) remember that NO means NO. If you get a "no", it is your responsibility to rethink and re-address the situation.


Who has the brain disease? THEY DO! Who needs to figure out a way to do it better or change the situation? WE DO!


Never force a PLWD to do something when they are screaming NO NO NO! This is unacceptable in my book.


So what can we do?


Apologize for upsetting them and wait 5-15 minutes to try again.


Apologize and bring their attention to a favorite thing. This may be a pet, picture, or memorable piece of jewelry. Take them on a journey to a happy place.


Apologize and be quiet. Yes, I said be quiet. If you are like me and talk too much this is just the advice to try and diffuse agitation and bring back a calmness and feeling of control and safety to them.


Can you see the theme of Apologize! The sooner you use this the better your care will become. We can get so hung up on our own ego and desire to be right that we forget that allowing them to feel in control and taking the humble route will prevent hours of unhappiness between you.

You can do this!

Teresa Youngstrom