Calling, Calling, YOU NEVER ANSWER!

When someone has Dementia, their forgetfulness can really test our patience.  A family member may call several times a day and never remember you talked earlier.  It is OK to have some boundaries with all the calling if they are in a safe place and could call for help in an emergency.  The best way you can help your friend or loved one is to stay positive, even with their confusion which may include accusations of never answering or even caring.  When the time is right to focus on their need to talk, make sure you start the conversation with, “Hi Sunshine”, or “It is so great to talk with you!”  Avoid the temptation to bring up your disappointment with the constant calling and unfounded accusations. This will only lead to hurt feelings or agitation and denial.   

Remember to be a grace giver and focus on bringing them joy in the moment.

When they have brain failure, who needs to change?  We do! 

Teresa Youngstrom

Dementia Specialist

Teresa Youngstrom