Teresa Youngstrom

Teresa is an energetic speaker, specializing in a variety of healthcare topics.  She brings passion and belief to your audience with engaging stories and real life examples.  She lives the memory care experience through her nursing and the personal care of her mother. 

She is also certified to present CEs to Nurses and Social Workers.

Life experience and compassion bring excellence to the stage with Teresa.

Teresa is booking 3-9 months in Advance



Caring for a loved one with Dementia and or Alzheimer's can bring huge challenges to any family.  Knowing right and wrong ways to approach, what the available resources are and where to find support groups and respite care are game changers in this stressful arena. 

Teresa is available to meet with you and your family to help get everyone on the same page and set up realistic goals and expectations in order to move forward with great care and healthy caregivers.

$75.00 Hour



Teresa Youngstrom RN Dementia Specialist

Teresa Youngstrom RN Dementia Specialist

Staff Trainer


The trials of staff training are never ending because of the constant turnover but also because there is so much to learn when given the responsibility of another person's daily needs.

Teresa has over 3o years of bedside experience to bring to your staff.  She knows what makes a good caregiver and and knows first hand how to respond when caring for individuals with memory challenges.

Teresa will provide learners with a new Awareness and Knowledge then introduce new Skills that will set your caregivers apart from the rest.


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 Staff Caregiver Training 101

This training was created with the caregiver in mind. This is an interactive class which includes a comprehensive overview of the common habits and challenges of memory care clients. The presentation will have powerpoint instruction, hands on training and practice that will include Teepa Snow’s trademark Hand Under Hand technique and Positive Physical Approach. The caregiver will learn to appreciate the concept of getting permission to enter into their client’s personal space and learn to keep the peace instead of accidentally causing irritation. These skills will change the relationship between your clients and their caregivers in a very positive way.

You can also schedule to have Teresa follow up the training class with an on the job review where she can come to your community and encourage your caregivers in excellent care and helpful techniques to keep the peace with your residents.