Teresa Youngstrom


Teresa Youngstrom is "One of a Kind"! She is passionate about what she does, considerate and caring! She is extremely knowledgable in her field and that knowledge translates to tremendous compassion and care to those she serves. The training that she provided to Angels Care Family Home is invaluable and something that we can constantly go back to as we provide continued care for our residents. I look forward to her smile and any new information that she is always willing to share that will help support our residents, staff and business! 

Lisa Sloan Co-Owner & Director of Community Relations Angels Care Family Home-2018


Teresa Youngstrom has a broad nursing background that covers a unique variety of experiences in hospital, long term care, home care, and even courtroom settings. Her business sense and administrative expertise support her deep understanding of health care realities today. But far more important are the compassion, insight, and practical knowledge she shares with adults and families who must cope with dementia. I can truly say that everything I know about serving this group of people I learned from or because of Teresa - and I always sensed she enjoyed the teaching as much as I enjoyed the learning. She is generous with her considerable store of useful information, creative in solving sensitive problems, and she understands personally what it means to face dementia and other challenges of aging with courage and kindness.

Mary Sue Verhagen, RN-2018



I am so fortunate to have met Teresa when I did! As a social worker in hospice, it has always been important to know that the referrals I make for my patients are in excellent hands. Teresa has treated each patient and family with dignity and respect. She has been extremely helpful in difficult situations. When it came time for me to make a recommendation for a family member of my own, I knew they needed to meet Teresa. Thank you for being so knowledgeable yet approachable. Your kindness will change the world as we know it!

Carleigh Chatfield MSW LSW-2018



My dad struggled for 16 years with Parkinsons and Dementia.  Although we were able to keep him at  home for this entire time, it was very difficult to know how to best love him through the dementia prior to meeting with Teresa. We connected with Teresa late in dad’s sickness, yet even then, she really helped us understand the best way to respond to dad to maximize his and mom’s quality of life in his remaining days.  She gave simple strategies to assure peaceful and joyful interactions that minimized the struggles that invariably come with loved ones suffering from dementia.

If we had known Teresa earlier in Dads sickness, we would have been much better equipped and Dad would have felt the love in our hearts more clearly in our responses to his unpredictable behaviors.  However, the exciting news is that since dad’s passing, I have been to several of Teresa’s workshops on Dementia:  Confidence instead of Chaos, and her expertise is available to anyone in the Cincinnati area with this need.  In Teresa’s workshops, she teaches these simple yet profound skills that can be easily applied whether working with a loved one with dementia or as a paid caregiver. She gives such practical, compassionate suggestions and then role plays real life situations so that even an over tired caregiver can retain these valuable tools in their day to day interactions.  Please reach out to Teresa to learn how to best take care of those in your life with dementia.  Your efforts will be rewarded with less struggles and more peace for all involved!


Kim McBeath - Previous Client's Daughter-2018


I have the opportunity to know Teresa as a friend, a wife, a mother and professionally. All of these roles she has exceeded to set a wonderful example of  love, strength and integrity.  I recently had the extreme pleasure to call upon her expertise when my father was in need of aid. Teresa’s knowledge and perspective was very comforting to me and helped me to navigate through this difficult time with my father.  She knew how difficult the journey was going to be for me and she equipped me with the helpful information, and services I needed to be prepared for the next chapter of my father life. This made the last years of my father’s life a more joyful and less stressful time. She was a endless source of strength and comfort for which I will forever be most grateful.


Diane Thomas  Client’s Daughter and Friend-2018


The skill and knowledge that Teresa teaches is unlike any program that is currently being presented in the senior living circuit. Teresa brings such energy, joy and to her presentations that it is difficult to leave without taking something away. I always learn a new technique or tool to apply to caring for someone with dementia.  Having worked in the long term care field, I feel that Teresa teaches a different approach to memory care that should be implemented everywhere. I would highly recommend her for a staff training, to speak at a caregiver support group or for one on one counseling.  Teresa has spoken at our church’s support group on a few occasions and each time our members find her teachings extraordinary.  We look forward to having her come back later in the year.


Stephanie Taleghani -MHSA-2018


My family and I were overwhelmed with the struggles in dealing with our mother's dementia and father's declining mental health issues. Teresa and her guidance were exactly what we were praying for. Her knowledge and strategies were invaluable and her practical direction in the myriad of decisions, forms, home care and facilities provided us with greater understanding than we could have had on our own. Teresa is compassionate as well as an unequaled expert in the area of geriatric care. We know we have a long road ahead of us but we a far more equipped to face the uncertain future because of Mrs. Youngstrom's involvement. I cannot imagine the journey without her.


Mark Hale, very thankful son of a client-2018

Hospice Care of Middletown highly recommends Teresa Youngstrom. “We have had Teresa present at a workshop for caregivers and also do a workshop for our own staff. Her insight and the tools she offers for those caring for people with dementia are invaluable.”

Judy Vincent 2018

I attended a CEU event where Teresa presented! The topic was about the effects of the Holidays on people with Dementia and their caregivers and families. It was very enlightening. I enjoyed Teresa’s perspective as she shared her experiences. She also gave us tools to deliver more effective and compassionate care to those individuals living with Dementia.

Heidi Watts Manzano 2018

What an amazing instructor for the world of Memory Care! Teresa Youngstrom RN is by far one of the most knowledgeable and respected Alzheimer's and Dementia trainers in the tri-state area. She will fill your toolbox with what you need regardless of a personal or professional journey. A Better Approach to Memory Care is exactly what she delivers.

Lorie Orth 2019

Teresa is highly skilled at educating family members who have loved ones with dementia. Highly recommend her as a consultant.

Tamara Marino 2019